AT THE END I FELT LIKE I HAD JUST BEEN WORSHIPED……:A babe’s story of her first escorting day.

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I had just become 18 and I did not have any real experience, I did not have any concern about the social implications of working as an escort though later it became a dilemma for me and my family and partners that I became very secretive about it. when I started, there were a number of things I only had heard of but hadn't tried or encountered. My fist customer was an more mature client that I had found on on adultwork, we set-up to meet for 1hr at his flat in the city and I wasn’t even sure of how to get there, I woke up really early on the day and left leaving enough time not to be late but surprisingly got to his home almost an hour early and knocked on the door anyway, luckily he was in and he didn’t have any issue with me arriving very early. He gave me £150 on arrival and took me straight to his bed room, he then told/ordered me to go down and blow him to which I agreed, unsure of what was expected of me I took my shirt off, went down on my knees and did my best for a while which seemed like never ending, at some point, he grabbed my head firmly and finished in my mouth almost choking me but I played the pro I wanted him to look at me as… After that, we just lay on the bed cuddling, kissing and talking for the remainder of the time.For some odd reason due to the fact that this more mature guy practically 30yrs older than me had seemed to like me with all my faults and inexperience, the encounter made me really feel powerful finally, the intoxicating sense of I’m well worth something became addictive. I eventually in my working-girl career settled for 4 regular punters, all but one were just lonely older men who wanted to get their rocks off and have some companionship. They treated me fairly well but paid even better, with the 4 of them I was making about £1000 a month which was not too bad for a student girl.

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